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Reponse recue le 26/04 :

Hello Benjamin,

Thank you for your application and your interest in Summer of Code 2006.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer AlternC admission to the program at

this time. Best of luck to you and your colleagues with your project and all your future endeavors.

Kind regards, LH


Envoye le 25/04,

Dear sir,

AlternC is a French non-profit organization. Its firt project was a hosting web interface management software in 1999. Based on project, created by the AlternB company that provided free hosting until 1999 (hence its name), AlternC is now a group of GPL-licensed software working on Debian.

The core project is similar to Plesk or CPanel proprietary software. It makes it possible for the average user to manage dns, web and mail service with a user-friendly web interface.

Initially, AlternC was only used by Lautre.Net, a French non-profit organization providing users with mass hosting. Now, it is used by many companies or non-government organizations in many countries such as France, Belgium, Canada, Russia, Senegal, Venezuela, etc. (until now, the packages have been translated into French,English and Spanish)

AlternC was mainly developped by individuals who were willing to help the opensource community, but it is now also sponsored by a few French companies featured on

We would like to become a mentoring organization for the Google Summer Of Code. We always have interesting new ideas and projects in the field of web hosting services (advanced mail, jabber,etc.) and we wish to expand our project of user-friendly free software for mass hosting.

I am one of the four creators of the project. You can contact me directly, or contact the developer team by sending an email at team@….

My Google account is sonntagb (

Best regards,

Benjamin Sonntag AlternC core team.

PS: more information follows about our project's status :

For now, we created the following packages :

  • AlternC. The core project, that automatically configures the services (web, mail, web stats, dns service, multilingual web interface for hosting managment etc.)
  • AlternC-mailman. Allow any user to manage mailman mailing lists from its web interface
  • AlternC-awstats. Add awstats statistic managment from the web interface
  • AlternC-slavedns. Add the slave dns managment for the slave bind server
  • AlternC-procmailbuilder. Allow the user to define server-side mail filtering from its webmail.
  • squirrelmail-addressbook. Replaces the standard addressbook of the webmail to provide user with an addreesbook similar to thunderbird one.

The following projects should be packaged soon (some are working when using svn source) :

  • addressbook-sync. A plugin for thunderbird to synchronize the addressbook with the client.
  • mailfilter-sync. Another plugin to synchronize the server-side and client-side mail filters.