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Cette page decrit les PatchesDeGlobenet a la version 0.9.3 qui ont ete integre dans le depot SVN fin fevrier 2006.

alternc.conf is gone

/etc/alternc/alternc.conf is gone! Thus,

  • local.php is now fully static and read /etc/alternc/
  • sendmail now reads /etc/alternc/
  • config.php now reads /etc/alternc/

alternc.install rewrite

alternc.install was rewritten as a shell script. Much cleaner and easier to read. This has been possible by actually using more of debhelper. In order to do this, files moved around:

  • install/scripts -> install/
  • install/etc/alternc -> etc/alternc
  • install/scripts/etc -> etc/alternc/templates

alternc.install now backups the installed configuration files in order to require a confirmation before overwriting changes.

alternc.install now determines dynamically needed config file

The idea is to have the possibility to easily just build a new alternc package with less dependencies if you don't want to install the whole AlternC suite (or if you have services on other servers).

Configuration templates as "conffiles"

All templates are now Debian "conffiles". That means a nice prompt when there is changes in newer version.

Big work on BIND interaction

  • was mostly rewritten, and is now named
  • templates used to build automatic.conf and zone files are now in /etc/bind/templates once installed
  • automatic.conf and slaveip.conf are now generated in /var/alternc/bind
  • zone files are now generated in /var/alternc/bind/zones.
  • Renames :
    • /etc/bind/domaines.template -> /etc/bind/templates/named.template
    • /etc/bind/master/domaines.template -> /etc/bind/templates/zone.template
  • Gone (unused) :
    • /etc/bind/master/mx.template
    • /etc/bind/master/slave.template
    • /etc/bind/master
  • The Debian preinst script take cares of moving updating file locations

Remove secondary DNS feature

/usr/lib/alternc/bind2 is gone too. Can't see where it was used, and that should really be in /etc/alternc anyway.

"du" disabled

Disk calculation were using "du" and took way too much time when used over NFS mounts. A work around has to be found to enable calculation for directory and mailboxes accurate disk usage.

Sendmail script fixes

The "sendmail" script used to correctly set the Sender field for e-mail sent by PHP scripts was fixed to work correctly. rewrites was rewritten and cleaned up to allow non-local MySQL databases to work. Note: this has not been tested carrefuly (read "they are still bug").

menulist.txt is a conffile that can be modified by the system administrator whishing to change the menu order.

disk quota and NFS

Script setting and reading quotas where modified to work on NFS.


A small fixes got included for free: bind_internal is now used in named.conf template.

Force AlternC phpmyadmin config as first in the server list.

MySQL users are created with "%" instead of "localhost" in order to be accessed remotely.