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22:14 Documentation/En created by mlutfy
22:13 Documentation/En/User/Presentation created by mlutfy
22:01 alternc_en_main.jpg attached to Documentation/En/User/Quickstart by mlutfy
Main view of the AlternC control panel
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21:50 alternc_login.jpg attached to Documentation/En/User/Quickstart by mlutfy
The AlternC login page
21:47 Documentation/En/User/Quickstart created by mlutfy
21:42 Changeset [2147] by anarcat
lien vers la documentation utilisateur au lieu de la documentation …
21:41 Changeset [2146] by anarcat
language switcher in the main interface
21:35 Documentation edited by mlutfy
21:32 Documentation/En/User created by mlutfy
21:27 Documentation edited by mlutfy
21:18 Changeset [2145] by anarcat
move messages with settings, renamed 'Other'
21:16 Changeset [2144] by anarcat
make 'Reseller' translatable
21:13 Changeset [2143] by anarcat
link to the wiki for documentation
21:12 Documentation edited by anarcat
21:10 Changeset [2142] by anarcat
group together more menus, rename the meaningless Frontpage menu into …
21:03 Changeset [2141] by anarcat
install the webalizer menu after raw statistics
21:01 Errata_0.9.8 edited by anarcat
21:01 Ticket #1117 (theme updates have broken the modules) closed by anarcat
fixed: All done here.
21:01 Errata_0.9.8 edited by anarcat
21:00 Changeset [2140] by anarcat
group protected folders and FTP accounts with the file browser, under a …
20:58 Changeset [2139] by anarcat
remove developpment warning that crept into 0.9.8
20:55 Changeset [2138] by anarcat
reorder menu entries in a more logical manner
20:48 Changeset [2137] by anarcat
fix menu for 0.9.8. Closes: #1120
20:48 Ticket #1120 (fix menu for alternc-awstats) closed by anarcat
fixed: (In [2137]) fix menu for 0.9.8. Closes: #1120
20:45 Ticket #1120 (fix menu for alternc-awstats) created by anarcat
See #1117.
20:43 Ticket #1118 (fix menu for alternc-webalizer) closed by anarcat
fixed: (In [2136]) Fix menu for 0.9.8. Closes #1118
20:43 Changeset [2136] by anarcat
Fix menu for 0.9.8. Closes #1118
20:41 Ticket #1119 (fix menu for alternc-mailman) closed by anarcat
fixed: (In [2135]) Fix menu for 0.9.8. Closes #1119
20:41 Changeset [2135] by anarcat
Fix menu for 0.9.8. Closes #1119
20:41 Ticket #1119 (fix menu for alternc-mailman) created by anarcat
See #1117.
20:41 Ticket #1118 (fix menu for alternc-webalizer) created by anarcat
Same #1117
20:20 Errata_0.9.8 edited by anarcat
new issues (diff)
20:18 Ticket #1117 (theme updates have broken the modules) created by anarcat
Since the stylesheet and design changed, the modules display was also …
20:05 Ticket #1116 (false positives on template changes) created by anarcat
alternc.install detects changes in some configuration files when there …
17:51 Ticket #1115 (problème avec les accents dans les mots de passes mysql) created by anarcat
vu la façon que source:alternc/trunk/debian/config et …
06:07 Ticket #1114 (basedir_prot.sh doesn't deal well with errors) created by anarcat
I just got corrupted open_basedir configurations after a failed upgrade …
05:58 ReleaseProcess edited by anarcat
0.9.8 release done (diff)
05:54 Errata_0.9.8 edited by anarcat
05:54 Errata_0.9.8 created by anarcat
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05:49 Blog/2008/04/14/05.48 created by anarcat
05:47 Milestone alternc-0.9.8 completed
This release is packed with minor enhancements and bugfixes. It also …
05:47 Changeset [2134] by anarcat
tag 0.9.8 we're at step 3 of the release process
05:42 Changeset [2133] by anarcat
another last minute fix: fix parse error in timing display
05:36 Ticket #1113 (weird permissions in package (+s)) created by anarcat
05:32 Ticket #1112 (warning message on upgrade) created by anarcat
I don't know where this comes from, but it should probably be fixed. …
05:31 Ticket #1111 (basedir_prot.sh takes forever during alternc.install on moderatly big ...) created by anarcat
At Koumbit, where we have around 3k subdomains overall, basedir_prot.sh …
05:22 Changeset [2132] by anarcat
fix mysql.cnf regexp for a last time, i hope
05:14 Changeset [2131] by anarcat
fix quoting again
05:12 Changeset [2130] by anarcat
another last minute fix about mysql.cnf parsing
05:10 Changeset [2129] by anarcat
be more verbose in template expansion
05:01 Changeset [2128] by anarcat
last minute fix: fix template instantiation for mysql passwords
04:48 Changeset [2127] by anarcat
fix translation of main prompt
04:41 Changeset [2126] by anarcat
remove old cvs statefile
04:36 ReleaseProcess edited by anarcat
04:29 Changeset [2125] by anarcat
complete changelog in preperation for 0.9.8 (step one of the …
04:26 ReleaseProcess edited by anarcat
arranger les accents, clarifier le checklist (diff)
04:23 ReleaseProcess edited by anarcat
03:59 Ticket #1088 (problème de redémarrage de ProFTPd durant alternc.install) reopened by anarcat
Je pense qu'on devrait faire du "lobbying" pour que ceci fasse partie d'un …


18:59 Ticket #1061 (Intégrer le boulot de Franck - Nouvelle interface) closed by anarcat
wontfix: Il sera probablement *impossible* désormais d'intégrer ce travail à cause …
18:53 Ticket #1073 (/var/alternc/tmp owned by root) closed by anarcat
fixed: I don't know if this was formally fixed, but on the dev server, the tmp …
07:04 Changeset [2124] by anarcat
fix a few style issues, mainly with the buttons, FTP accounts and Mailbox …
06:59 Changeset [2123] by anarcat
really fix the lintian warning about the copyright notice
06:50 Changeset [2122] by anarcat
try to fix lintian warning copyright-without-copyright-notice
06:46 Changeset [2121] by anarcat
automatic template translation update
06:46 Changeset [2120] by anarcat
fix standards
06:44 Changeset [2119] by anarcat
follow standards version use the Homepage: dpkg field fix syntax …
06:41 Changeset [2118] by anarcat
fix a lintian warning (YES/NO is bad practice) and remove apache and php …
06:35 Changeset [2117] by anarcat
Major redesign of the MySQL backend interface to fix a security issue. …
00:59 Ticket #1110 (Traduction en espagnol) created by daniche
Février dernier, j'ai mis à jour la traduction d'AlternC et …
00:41 Changeset [2116] by anarcat
regenerate locales to give translators a chance to translate 0.9.8 NEW …


23:07 Changeset [2115] by anarcat
cosmetic change: better alignment in variable decl.
22:01 Changeset [2114] by anarcat
fix indentation


03:11 Ticket #1090 (Upload & Extract n'extract pas) closed by anarcat
fixed: Je pense avoir réglé ce bug dans le SVN. Upload&Extract a été retiré en …
03:01 Changeset [2113] by anarcat
tell the user at which time the changes will be effective instead of the …
03:01 Ticket #231 (donner l'heure à laquelle les changements prendront effet) closed by anarcat
fixed: (In [2113]) tell the user at which time the changes will be effective …


22:05 Changeset [2112] by anarcat
integrate patch for linking to domains directly in domain listing. Patch …
22:05 Ticket #1097 (mettre les liens des domaines cliquables dans le panneau administrateur, ...) closed by anarcat
fixed: (In [2112]) integrate patch for linking to domains directly in domain …
21:47 Ticket #1072 (erreur update_domains.sh) closed by anarcat
worksforme: Je ne peux pas reproduire ce bug sur la plateforme de test ici, basée sur …
21:36 Changeset [2111] by anarcat
fix makefile syntax again
21:33 Changeset [2110] by anarcat
fix typos
21:32 Changeset [2109] by anarcat
fix indentation
21:30 Changeset [2108] by anarcat
add missing configuration that wasn't ran properly when installing, since …
21:30 Ticket #1109 (Bug de création de répertoire saslauthd dans "var") closed by anarcat
fixed: (In [2108]) add missing configuration that wasn't ran properly when …
20:59 Changeset [2107] by anarcat
remove warning for false positive on monitor_ip
20:52 Changeset [2106] by anarcat
attempt to fix bug #1109 by explicitely creating the sasl directory
20:40 Changeset [2105] by anarcat
crude implementation of permission change in the file browser Contributed …
20:05 Changeset [2104] by anarcat
Standardisation de l'interface web d'AlternC, qui passe maintenant la …


17:51 Ticket #1109 (Bug de création de répertoire saslauthd dans "var") created by mlutfy
Après l'installation d'AlternC, le répertoire: …


20:34 Ticket #1108 (alternc-webalizer: problème avec le caractère espace dans les noms de ...) created by anonyme
Le problème est que le script /usr/lib/alternc/alternc-webalizer crée un …


14:39 Ticket #1072 (erreur update_domains.sh) reopened by anonyme
Je confirme le bug, pour moi aussi, ici en essayant d'enregistrer le …
11:02 Ticket #1107 ("Gestionnaire de fichiers" > "Télécharger ce répertoire" ne fonctionne pas ...) created by anonyme
Bonjour à tous, J'ai un problème avec AlternC pour sauvegarder le contenu …


11:40 Ticket #1106 ((avec alternc-mailman patché) création de liste inutilisable avec ...) created by anonyme
= alternc-mailman v1.5, mailman v1:2.1.9-7, alternc v0.9.7, etch = Avec …
10:59 Ticket #1105 (création de liste inutilisable avec alternc-mailman v1.5, mailman ...) created by anonyme
Depuis la mise à jour de alternc sur etch, sans modification, les listes …


17:13 Ticket #1104 (dns: intégration des confs pour les "slaves" ne se fait pas) created by mlutfy
Sur un serveur AlternC, par l'interface administrative, j'ai authorisé un …


11:18 Ticket #1103 (Majuscules dans le nom d'une liste) created by denis
A confirmer, peut-être c'est corriger dans les dernières versions mais il …


23:05 Ticket #1102 (Erreur pas très explicite lorsque la table mailman existe déjà) created by anonyme
Lorsque l'on installe le paquet alternc-mailman, si la table mailman …
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une page wiki qui a été absorbée dans une autre page (diff)
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