06:49 Changeset [2023] by anarcat
note some packages never released
06:46 Ticket #1075 (Impossible de modifier un compte ftp) closed by anarcat
worksforme: This *might* be fixed by [2022]... Please confirm.
06:44 Changeset [2022] by anarcat
try to fix bug #1075: don't use as a special password
06:30 Changeset [2021] by anarcat
update from current templates
06:29 Changeset [2020] by anarcat
forgot to change the charset tag
06:28 Changeset [2019] by anarcat
all other files are actually latin1
06:07 Changeset [2018] by anarcat
another update from mailman
06:00 Changeset [2017] by anarcat
portugese translation for changepass module
05:57 Changeset [2016] by anarcat
remerge, but with a proper charset
05:48 Changeset [2015] by anarcat
now really fix charset and remote unrelated files
05:45 Changeset [2014] by anarcat
revert everything to r2006 for real
05:38 Changeset [2013] by anarcat
hta wasn't translated
05:37 Changeset [2012] by anarcat
remove again unrelated modules
05:33 Changeset [2011] by anarcat
revert to r2006
05:23 Changeset [2010] by anarcat
try to fix some entries
04:57 Changeset [2009] by anarcat
remove deleted instances
04:56 Changeset [2008] by anarcat
regenerate locale
04:41 Changeset [2007] by anarcat
concatenate all messages into one big file
04:40 Changeset [2006] by anarcat
more parse errors…
04:37 Changeset [2005] by anarcat
fix format again
04:36 Changeset [2004] by anarcat
fix formatting
04:19 Changeset [2003] by anarcat
add brasil/portugese translation
01:31 Ticket #1075 (Impossible de modifier un compte ftp) created by anonyme
"Modifier" un compte ftp donne un formulaire où il n'y a plus de deuxieme …


00:52 Changeset [2002] by anarcat
fix link to hta_edit


16:18 Documentation/Fr/UpgradeDeSargeVersEtch edited by pierre-gilles
16:08 Documentation/Fr/UpgradeDeSargeVersEtch edited by pierre-gilles


12:19 Ticket #1074 (User with "-" in their name cannot create more than one MySQL db) created by pierre-gilles
If the user is jobi-joba, mysql refused to create the sub tables ... …
12:09 Ticket #1073 (/var/alternc/tmp owned by root) created by pierre-gilles
After the installation or an upgrade /var/alternc/tmp is owned by root …


08:57 AlternCv2/Specs edited by anonyme


20:57 Changeset [2001] by anarcat
don't hardcode the mysql host, rely on alternc configuration, which …
20:53 Changeset [2000] by anarcat
remove useless default configs to simplify this config file
20:51 Ticket #1052 (lien phpmyadmin) closed by anarcat
fixed: (In [1999]) include unconditionnaly our phpmyadmin config, because in the …
20:51 Changeset [1999] by anarcat
include unconditionnaly our phpmyadmin config, because in the etch version …
20:31 Changeset [1998] by anarcat
switch to tcp connections in pma so that we can support remote mysqls …
20:07 Ticket #731 (bug de locales) closed by anarcat
fixed: Le problème était que fr_CA est configuré sur notre serveur, et donc les …
20:07 Changeset [1997] by anarcat
fix a longstanding issue in AlternC: don't show translation links for …
19:52 Ticket #1067 (Erreur dans les droits par défaut de /var/alternc/tmp) closed by anarcat
worksforme: Actually, this was a local problem. I regenerated my apacheconf configs …
19:25 Ticket #1067 (Erreur dans les droits par défaut de /var/alternc/tmp) reopened by anarcat
I've had a similar problem after the upgrade to etch +
18:03 Ticket #731 (bug de locales) reopened by anarcat
17:56 Ticket #1052 (lien phpmyadmin) reopened by anarcat
Finalement, je confirme le bug. Après l'upgrade de sarge à etch et 0.9.6 à …
17:51 Ticket #392 (perte des mots de passe mysql au dpkg-reconfigure) closed by anarcat
worksforme: I couldn't reproduce this here on an upgrade from 0.9.6 to the svn …
17:46 Changeset [1996] by anarcat
reverting part of [1994]: keep on calling apache restart properly
16:46 Changeset [1995] by pierre-gilles
Another fix to allow alternc to consider the php5 in an apache2 …
16:31 Changeset [1994] by pierre-gilles
Suppress an usueless restart of apache in dopo.sh This chek is althought …
01:53 Changeset [1993] by anarcat
silence 'zone reload queued' messages from newest bind from etch


23:20 Changeset [1992] by anarcat
suggest using ca-certificates
23:20 Ticket #1055 (mettre la dépendance "ca-certificates" au paquet alternc-slavedns) closed by anarcat
fixed: On ne doit pas forcer une politique aux admins. S'ils sont contents avec …
23:16 Ticket #1067 (Erreur dans les droits par défaut de /var/alternc/tmp) closed by anarcat
fixed: fixed in current svn.
22:25 Changeset [1991] by anarcat
tag 1.0
22:10 Changeset [1990] by anarcat
announce the /etc/slavedns -> /etc/alternc/slavedns change more clearly
22:03 Changeset [1989] by anarcat
give up and use escape sequence for latin1
22:02 Changeset [1988] by anarcat
22:00 Changeset [1987] by anarcat
try to input latin1 instead of unicode to suppress warning
21:54 Changeset [1986] by anarcat
detail which manpages we want
21:52 Changeset [1985] by anarcat
install the manpage
21:50 Changeset [1984] by anarcat
move everything to alternc-slavedns instead of just slavedns, there might …
21:47 Changeset [1983] by anarcat
add manpage
21:19 Changeset [1982] by anarcat
fix changelog syntax errors
21:14 Changeset [1981] by anarcat
remove translations
21:13 Changeset [1980] by anarcat
better package description, since we don't have an info anymore
21:09 Changeset [1979] by anarcat
remove useless information prompt, considered abusive by lintian
21:08 Changeset [1978] by anarcat
fix lintian warning on depends
21:07 Changeset [1977] by anarcat
new standards version
21:06 Changeset [1976] by anarcat
remove generated file from svn
21:05 Changeset [1975] by anarcat
locales regen
21:04 Changeset [1974] by anarcat
release this as a 1.0 version, moving away from AlternC's core numbering …
20:54 Changeset [1973] by anarcat
add the /etc/hosts hint
20:51 Changeset [1972] by anarcat
remove a temporary file when bailing out on invalid domains
20:50 Changeset [1971] by anarcat
add debugging mode (-d) that shows what domains are updated and what wget …
20:18 Milestone alternc-mailman-1.5 completed
This will be the next version of alternc-mailman package, that correct …
18:01 Ticket #1072 (erreur update_domains.sh) created by anonyme
le domaine user.bellinux.net d'un nouvel utilisateur n'est jamais mis à …
10:48 Changeset [1970] by anarcat
tagger 1.5
09:59 Changeset [1969] by anarcat
update standards version
09:58 Changeset [1968] by anarcat
updatelang is never used anywhere in the code and is deprecated by dopo.sh
09:55 Changeset [1967] by anarcat
pre-depend on alternc instead of checking in preinst to see if alternc is …
09:51 Changeset [1966] by anarcat
put myself as maintainer and benjamin as uploader
09:50 Changeset [1965] by anarcat
announce 1.5
09:41 Ticket #669 (alias mailman cassés par l'upgrade 0.9.5) closed by anarcat
fixed: le code dans le SVN installe un …
09:27 Changeset [1964] by anarcat
i forgot to remove a safety for the patch: we just store user-domain as a …
09:26 Changeset [1963] by anarcat
push my "virtual mailman patch" supported in alternc this changes the way …
01:06 Changeset [1962] by anarcat
fix changelog format again
01:04 Changeset [1961] by anarcat
fix my username for signnatures
00:58 Changeset [1960] by anarcat
prepare a test package for stable for Koumbit
00:00 Milestone alternc-slavedns-1.0 completed


15:48 Documentation/Fr/UpgradeDeSargeVersEtch edited by pierre-gilles


20:20 Ticket #1071 (remove email storage stats cache on email removal) created by anarcat
When an email is removed (or POP turned off), it seems that its cache is …
20:17 Ticket #1070 (clarify that emails are deleted when turning off "pop") created by anarcat
We've had a few comments from users learning the hard way that turning off …
20:09 Changeset [1959] by anarcat
more details in changelog, some grammar fixes
20:07 Ticket #1062 (bureau not accessible after clean install) closed by anarcat
duplicate: ...this is actually a dupe of #1000.
20:07 Ticket #1062 (bureau not accessible after clean install) reopened by anarcat
just reopen to document properly that…
19:57 Ticket #517 (Le passage d'un domaine 'non géré par bind' à 'géré par bind' ne recréé ...) reopened by anarcat
je n'ai pas testé, mais à ce que je sache, ceci est un problème différent …
19:53 Ticket #1065 (message qui ne correspond plus) closed by anarcat
fixed: ce message n'apparait plus que dans certaines chaînes périmées.
19:51 Changeset [1958] by anarcat
regenerate locals using make all, see #1065
19:48 Changeset [1957] by anarcat
move mysql-server to recommends, since we now support mysql on a different …
19:48 Ticket #1014 (ne pas dépendre de mysql-server) closed by anarcat
fixed: (In [1957]) move mysql-server to recommends, since we now support mysql on …
19:43 Ticket #1012 (MYSQL_CLIENT non configurable) closed by anarcat
fixed: By looking at the code, this *seems* to work, will have to test to be …
19:40 Ticket #1013 (configuration d'un mysql remote par alternc) closed by anarcat
fixed: Let's assume it's ok... Koumbit will suffer the consequences (and fix the …
19:38 Ticket #1053 (mauvais droits sur les répertoires et fichiers des comptes) closed by anarcat
19:37 Ticket #684 (saslauthd configuration should use dpkg-statoverride) closed by anarcat
fixed: (In [1956]) use dpkg-statoverride instead of hardcoding config, because it …
19:37 Changeset [1956] by anarcat
use dpkg-statoverride instead of hardcoding config, because it will be …
19:34 Ticket #1069 (saslauthd update for etch) closed by anarcat
fixed: (In [1955]) fix ownership of saslauthd directory. Closes: #1069
19:34 Changeset [1955] by anarcat
fix ownership of saslauthd directory. Closes: #1069
19:29 Ticket #1052 (lien phpmyadmin) closed by anarcat
worksforme: Replying to denis: > Je complètes > > …
19:26 Changeset [1954] by anarcat
fix saslauthd config for etch, partial fix. See #1069
19:22 Ticket #1069 (saslauthd update for etch) created by anarcat
We need to upgrade our installed saslauthd configuration with the …
19:18 Ticket #1068 (If alternc account db is update, proftpd.conf don't after an ...) closed by anarcat
duplicate: Voir #392.
19:16 Ticket #1051 (webmail et openbase_dir) closed by anarcat
18:35 Changeset [1953] by benjamin
adding test cases using libtest-www-mechanize-perl
18:30 Changeset [1952] by benjamin
checking for array to prevent array error with php5
16:04 Documentation/Fr/UpgradeDeSargeVersEtch edited by benjamin
16:04 Documentation/Fr/UpgradeDeSargeVersEtch edited by benjamin
15:30 Documentation/Fr/UpgradeDeSargeVersEtch edited by benjamin
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14:52 Documentation/Fr/UpgradeDeSargeVersEtch created by benjamin
page initiale
14:52 Documentation edited by benjamin
upgrade sarge > etch (diff)
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