10:29 Changeset [1951] by benjamin
restart with stop/start instead of restart (...) apache AND apache2 (test)
10:18 Changeset [1950] by benjamin
ensure that php variable is correctly expanded
05:27 Changeset [1949] by anarcat
remove duplicate icons alias, move non-bureau alternc conf to alternc.conf …


17:13 Changeset [1948] by benjamin
Correcting m_dom error : cannot add empty subdomain


20:31 Ticket #1068 (If alternc account db is update, proftpd.conf don't after an ...) created by azerttyu
English versus If you change alternc account (local.sh) about mysql …


17:35 Ticket #1067 (Erreur dans les droits par défaut de /var/alternc/tmp) created by anonyme
Le répertoire /var/alternc/tmp est par défaut en root.root, au lieu de …


00:11 Ticket #1066 (désactiver les jobs dans cron lors d'une mise à jour d'AlternC) created by sebas
Pour éviter des problèmes dans les mises à jour, les jobs cron d'alternc …


00:25 Ticket #1065 (message qui ne correspond plus) created by nahuel
"If you want to use a different language, click on the flag below" …
00:11 Changeset [1947] by nahuel
petit erreur de synthaxe


23:55 Ticket #1064 (Problème à l'install du svn) closed by anarcat
fixed: (In [1946]) fix php call. Closes: #1064
23:55 Changeset [1946] by anarcat
fix php call. Closes: #1064
23:38 Ticket #1064 (Problème à l'install du svn) created by nahuel
Petit log d'install : […] Bizarre hein ?


17:38 Ticket #1063 (Backup sql using timestamped-extension rather than rotating id.) created by benjamin
When backing-up the sql databases, we should add -DDMMYYYY as a suffix …


23:55 Changeset [1945] by azerttyu
revert des commit [1944], [1939], [1933], [1925] : nouveau bureau. On …
23:09 Changeset [1944] by azerttyu
cf commit [1808]
23:04 Changeset [1943] by anarcat
fix last lintian warnings
23:02 Changeset [1942] by anarcat
silence more lintian warnings
23:00 Changeset [1941] by anarcat
use more standard mode 750 instead of 754
22:59 Changeset [1940] by anarcat
fix install modes for functions
22:49 Changeset [1939] by azerttyu
edition de checkid cf commit [1806],[1804]
22:48 Changeset [1938] by anarcat
try to rely on the actual .so presence instead of the package for …
22:38 Ticket #517 (Le passage d'un domaine 'non géré par bind' à 'géré par bind' ne recréé ...) closed by benjamin
duplicate: Duplicates with #772
22:36 Changeset [1937] by anarcat
add changelog for apache and the latest fixes, depend explicitely on …
22:36 Ticket #718 (Vérifier le MX lors de l'install d'un DNS non géré par Alternc) closed by benjamin
fixed: Fixed at [1936]
22:34 Ticket #1062 (bureau not accessible after clean install) closed by anarcat
fixed: Drop apache-modconf, it's not working. Rewrite modules.conf manually, and …
22:33 Changeset [1936] by benjamin
Checking MX when hosting a mail. Fixes #1074
22:32 Changeset [1935] by anarcat
remove useless test -x for init.d services, invoke-rc.d takes care of that
22:31 Changeset [1934] by anarcat
try to reload apache2 too, install symlinks for apache2 if available
22:31 Ticket #1033 (fichier vide crée dans /var/alternc/bind) closed by benjamin
22:30 Changeset [1933] by azerttyu
complement à [1931], cf commit [1807]
22:17 Changeset [1932] by benjamin
fixing lang_env messup
22:15 Changeset [1931] by azerttyu
Lister les lettres des membres d'un utilisateur donné cf commit [1807]
22:01 Changeset [1930] by benjamin
Fixing dns/nodns issue (a bug in update_domains) Fixes #772
22:01 Ticket #772 (zonefiles pas détruit lors de la fin de gestion du DNS) closed by benjamin
fixed: (In [1930]) Fixing dns/nodns issue (a bug in update_domains) Fixes #772
21:37 Changeset [1929] by anarcat
fix stupid typo in regexp See: #1062
21:35 Changeset [1928] by azerttyu
De la cosmétique cf commit [1804]
21:34 Changeset [1927] by azerttyu
ajouts de nouvelles chaines d'information (version fr) cf commit [1797]
21:17 Changeset [1926] by anarcat
first attempt at making alternc apache2-compatible revert to manual …
21:17 Ticket #1062 (bureau not accessible after clean install) reopened by anarcat
This doesn't work, apparently apache-modconf simply does nothing.
21:03 Changeset [1925] by azerttyu
ajouts de nouvelles fonctions necessaire au nouveau bureau. cf commit 1804 …
20:58 Changeset [1924] by benjamin
adding the case when using alternc-slavedns on a machine using alternc …
20:58 Ticket #1040 (alternc-slavedns modifie /etc/bind/named.conf directement) closed by benjamin
fixed: (In [1924]) adding the case when using alternc-slavedns on a machine using …
20:56 Changeset [1923] by anarcat
add missing functions include
20:51 Ticket #1036 (redirection vers www.login.domaine.tld) closed by anarcat
worksforme: Je pense qu'on a pas besoin de remplir cette condition. Cette …
20:35 Changeset [1922] by anarcat
retirer la fonction dupliquee init_dom_letter, remplaceee par …
20:21 Changeset [1921] by anarcat
move functions from update_domains.sh into common functions
20:18 Changeset [1920] by anarcat
don't forget to add functions.sh
20:18 Changeset [1919] by anarcat
move functions to a common directory to avoid code duplication
15:27 AlternCv2/APIS/WEB created by benjamin
15:26 AlternCv2/APIS/DNS created by benjamin
15:22 AlternCv2/Specs_2 edited by benjamin
adding link to apis docs. (diff)
15:16 Changeset [1918] by benjamin
adding my architecture proposal
15:15 AlternCv2/Specs_2 edited by benjamin
15:15 AlternCv2 edited by benjamin
15:15 AlternCv2/APIS edited by benjamin
15:15 WikiStart edited by benjamin
specs v2 v2 (diff)
15:14 AlternCv2/Specs_2 created by benjamin
Initial doc (prepared offline)
15:13 AlternCv2/Specs edited by benjamin


21:44 Changeset [1917] by anarcat
revert last commit, sed is an essential package, no need for explicit …
21:40 Changeset [1916] by anarcat
add sed to dependencies, it's used all over the place
21:38 Changeset [1915] by anarcat
re-establish apache-modconf as means of enabling vhost_alias and php …
21:38 Ticket #1062 (bureau not accessible after clean install) closed by anarcat
fixed: (In [1915]) re-establish apache-modconf as means of enabling vhost_alias …
20:46 Ticket #1062 (bureau not accessible after clean install) created by anarcat
Quite simple: […] error.log says: […] […]


11:17 Ticket #1052 (lien phpmyadmin) reopened by denis
En fait, j'ai le problème sur plusieurs serveurs. Personne d'autres n'a ce …
11:15 Ticket #1061 (Intégrer le boulot de Franck - Nouvelle interface) created by azerttyu
Bonjour Juste une remarque bête. Franck a fait un sacré boulot sur …
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