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1Template: alternc-webalizer/default_quota_value
2Type: string
3_Default: 5
4_Description: Default quota value for webalizer stats.
5 You are installing the alternc-webalizer package. This package allows any
6 user to ask for statistics about his web site. Users can ask for a limited
7 number of statistic set. Please specify the default quota they will have
8 for this service ?
10Template: alternc-webalizer/errorinstall
11Type: note
12_Description: Error installing AlternC-Webalizer
13 AlternC-Webalizer requires a complete installed AlternC system to get
14 installed properly !
15 .
16 Please install AlternC and CONFIGURE IT before installing alternc-webalizer
17 or additional modules (don't forget to launch 'alternc.install').
18 .
19 Please check out the AlternC installation documentation before proceeding.
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